The biggest benefit of gamification is that it adds an element of fun, especially to social media channels. And when something is fun, users are more likely to engage with it… a lot more likely. (see full proposal)

• We believe that games for kids can be fun, educational, and successful.

• We know we can create compelling marketing content that gets eyeballs – our test video, “Dinner”, has over 2 million hits with no advertising.

• Dogs are man’s best friend, and if Facebook and YouTube have taught us anything, it’s that people love cute puppies!

• Our collectables will increase the value of your brand (or pester power) especially when competing with in-house brands or white labels.

• Gamification strategies can lead to an increase in engagement metrics of up to 295%. (see chart in proposal)

• We will be launching third quarter 2017. Partners who join us now will have the chance to work with us to shape our final product to our mutual benefit.