Puppy Club is the first destination completely dedicated to kids who love pups. It’s available on multiple platforms and is rooted in real life experiences. It features a massive single player game, a dedicated and safe “PupTube” channel, over 300 collectible cards, and an online and print kids’ magazine, all with our proprietary education program, SmartPlay.

Parents of the new crop of digital natives are struggling to manage what their children watch, listen to and play, creating strong demand for better tools to regulate how much time and money children spend online – and giving developers whose apps have robust controls an edge in the hyper-competitive business of digital entertainment for kids. Puppy Club is a safe, fun, educational destination for kids, which means peace of mind for parents. 

There are currently no games that take full advantage of the world’s most popular pet. Existing puppy games are generally only available on one platform; fantasy based; too broad for their target audience; not inclusive of parents; too difficult to expand cost effectively without losing quality. 


Right now is the best time to partner with Puppy Club. We have developed the Beta build, and are about to embark on the final build, taking us through to the fully completed, tested game, and onto marketing and launch.  Partners who join us now will be able to work with us to develop Puppy Club to fit their target market, and will continue to be with us as the brand grows and develops.

Is your brand the perfect fit? 



The biggest benefit of gamification is that it adds an element of fun, especially to social media channels. And when something is fun, users are more likely to engage with it… a lot more likely. (see full proposal)

• We believe that games for kids can be fun, educational, and successful.

• We know we can create compelling marketing content that gets eyeballs – our test video, “Dinner”, has over 2 million hits with no advertising.

• Dogs are man’s best friend, and if Facebook and YouTube have taught us anything, it’s that people love cute puppies!

• Our collectables will increase the value of your brand (or pester power) especially when competing with in-house brands or white labels.

• Gamification strategies can lead to an increase in engagement metrics of up to 295%. (see chart in proposal)

• We will be launching third quarter 2017. Partners who join us now will have the chance to work with us to shape our final product to our mutual benefit.



We straddle and embrace the fun/educational game barrier. In general, games for children are divided into two clear camps – educational and fun.

1. Games specifically designed as educational are rarely fun enough to engage children – they will play them as long as they have to, then stop and switch to a “fun” game.

2. Fun games aren’t educational – companies are afraid of making educational claims in case they are called to justify it, so they simply don’t bother making them educational.

Puppy Club proudly claims to be both fun and educational. Fun enough to fully engage kids without them ever noticing the learning.  Educational enough that parents can feel comfortable that their children are getting something more than just entertainment when they visit Puppy Club.

And we can back it up – all our games have been fully vetted by, and include input from curriculum specialist Rebecca Honig MA, who has created curriculum and educational material for the likes of Nickelodeon, Mattel, Disney, Sesame Street, and PBS.

To put it simply, gamification incorporates fun and an element of education into your marketing strategy.
It gets families talking – including those loyal to competitive brands. The theory behind implementing these types of techniques is that they make an emotional connection with the audience and lead to a longer relationship as opposed to simple brand awareness.

Puppy Club offers a rare opportunity to derive significant benefits for a brand on our multi-platform environment. The ‘multi-platform’ element is key. Too many digital ventures fail to maximise their potential by ignoring the opportunities that can be exploited in both the online and offline world, and hence under-deliver. However, Puppy Club has been conceived with this on-line/off-line synergy at the core of its strategy. For a sponsor, this means an environment which can deliver high ROI across the spectrum.

Puppy Club is also a powerful relationship marketing tool. Any form of relationship marketing will prove to be the strongest where there is a powerful emotional bond, ideally between the product and what it delivers to the consumer. And there are fewer bonds that are stronger than that between parents, their children, and their pets. Puppy Club will also present this sponsorship opportunity on a truly international platform.

Puppy Club sponsorship will not only generate its own momentum, but will add extra power to all the other components in a marketing mix, making it highly cost effectively.  Partners will enjoy numerous direct and indirect branding opportunities with our collectable cards and YouTube Kids channel (PupTube) featuring our own unique puppy films. 


Download the full Puppy Club partnership proposal from the link below.
For any additional information please write to us at: puppyclub@donroy.uk

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