Format:  Feature film.  115 minutes
Status:  Script written; preproduction; teaser material developed; locations scouted (SA) 

Summary: A South African coming of age drama set against the thrilling world of downhill skateboarding.
Stunt skateboarding had to wait almost thirty years for its definitive film, Lords of Dogtown (2005), a cult classic which generated over $13 million at the box office, and many millions more from DVD and VOD. Alpha 52, coming just as downhill skateboarding is booming, is set to be the must-have, cult classic for downhill boarding.

View the movie teaser on Vimeo.


Format: Feature film. Genre: thriller; to be filmed in UK or SA
Status: Script development; preproduction

Summary: Love, Marry, Kill is a thriller that looks at issues of surveillance and domestic abuse. It has a Usual Suspects twist that will keep the audience on the edge of their seats until the very end – has Russell finally killed his abused wife, Alyssa, or has she somehow managed to find a way to turn the tables on him?

Logline: An abused woman, trapped in her home by a controlling, passive-aggressive husband who has her under surveillance 24/7, must find a way to escape the house before he kills her.


Format: Low budget feature film; thriller; to be shot in London
Status: Script Development; preproduction; locations scouted

Summary:  Knife crime has become one of the fastest growing problems on Britain's streets.  Keen examines knife crime from the point of view of a scared eight year-old boy, Jamie.  From the hoods on the street to his mother's violent ex-boyfriend, knives are everywhere in Jamie's life, and will ultimately play a major part in determining his future happiness.

Logline: An embittered, reclusive antiques shop owner, who blames himself for the death of his wife and daughter, must find the courage to help a young boy whose mother is being abused by a violent drug dealer.


Format: Long form TV series
Status:  Script development

Logline:  When bored businessman Bradley Anderson advertises on Craig's List for a "Nemesis" to spice up his life, he gets more than he bargained for.  What starts as fun soon turns serious as the mysterious Nemesis gradually strips away everything that matters to Bradley - his job, his house, his reputation - and finally kidnaps his wife.  In a deadly race against time, Bradley must find the Nemesis before his wife dies…


Format: Feature length movie
Status: Final script edit prior to fundraising
Budget: Approx $5m (externally financed)

Logline:  When he mysteriously inherits a beautiful old farmhouse, writer Ray Givens is threatened by a brutal local family determined to run him off.  As the threats turn to violence, Ray is forced to fight back in a life or death struggle that tears the small community apart.

Summary:  Donroy are combining with Sweden’s 79 Pictures to produce this thriller.  Scripted by Don, it is due to film in Canada in late 2017/early 2018.  Experience producer Tony Krantz (Melancholia; Dogville) is raising the capital, with Norway’s Academy Award nominated Nils Gaup (Pathfinder; The Last King) directing.