Donroy Entertainment is a small company with big ideas, creating thought provoking, original content for all ages across a wide range of platforms.

In 2015 Writer, Don Macnab-Stark and Director, Roydon Turner joined forces with Executive Producers Mark Calvert and Joanne Billington to form this unique entertainment company with an aim to Entertain, Delight and Enlighten.  And these are our current projects...

Iris Warriors, The Birth of Colour. 

Westbridge Orphanage, England, 1940. Miss Shaw (Jessica Brown Findlay) and eight children are trapped in the cellar seeking shelter from the German bombs dropping overhead. In a desperate attempt to distract the children, Miss Shaw shares a mythical story with them, a timeless tale that magically transports them to another world. In this imaginative world of dance brought to life, the union of Darkness and Light, and their conflict, produce the seven radiant Iris (Rainbow) Warriors. The Warriors fill the world with dance, colour and life, but a dark force threatens to end their world. With time and light running out, will Miss Shaw and the children be saved or will they, and the Iris Warriors, be left to Darkness and her Shadows? 

Filmed in Cape Town in summer 2016, Iris Warriors will be released in 2017.

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Stones is a true life story based on the experiences of singer Alexander McKay. 

When an alcoholic musician is taken in by an old friend, it is his last chance to sober up before he loses everything.  But can he escape his addiction and his obsession with his ex-girlfriend long enough to appreciate the girl who is trying to save him?

Filmed in London, Stones will be released in late 2016.

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Puppy Club is a fun, safe puppy world, where young children can play, create and learn while experiencing the delight of owning a virtual pup.  

Puppy Club will nurture care, responsibility and accountability, and is the first port of call for anyone thinking of getting their children a puppy, or looking for a puppy substitute for their children.  

Available on web and app in Autumn/Winter 2016

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Our vision is a world where organ donation is the norm, not the exception.  

We have therefore created the Orgamites, a ‘family’ of animated characters representing the major organs in the body.

The Orgamites are designed to educate parents and children about organ transplantation, and raise awareness of the shortage of organ donors by encouraging conversation about this vital issue. 

Visit for more information and to sign up as an organ donor.

Alpha 52. A South African coming of age drama set against the thrilling world of downhill skateboarding, in which a young skateboarder must choose between winning a race - and the sponsorship he craves - and saving his best friend's life.

Stunt skateboarding had to wait almost thirty years for its definitive film, Lords of Dogtown (2005), a cult classic which generated over $13 million at the box office, and many millions more from DVD and VOD. 

Alpha 52, coming just as the downhill skateboarding craze is taking off, is set to be the must-have, cult classic for downhill boarding.

Website coming soon. View the movie teaser on Vimeo.