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Donroy is a unique independent production company producing films, documentaries, television shows, games and theatre. We are storytellers that make distinctive, popular, award winning projects on both sides of the Atlantic.


Donroy is based in London, but has extensive connections and experience working in New York and South Africa. London is a perfect location for European based films, allowing easy access to well known actors and talented crew. South Africa, on the other hand, offers considerable savings on post production work, and also provides a low cost location with guaranteed good weather for exterior shooting. 


DREAM:  This is where it all begins, with dreams, ideas, flights of fancy. To be innovative and original, we have to constantly push the boundaries, not be afraid to allow our imagination to come out and play.

WRITE:  This is where we start asking questions of our dreams, put substance to them, turn them into briefs, stories, story boards and strategies. Writing and playing with our ideas gives them depth, allows us to test them, and ultimately sorts the wheat from the chaff.

CREATE:  There are many creatives who are Dreamers or Writers. We pride ourselves on also being Creators. We are doers and makers, transforming our ideas beyond the page and the pixel into something tangible that we can share with others.

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